A Twitter user uploaded a video of an argument between a Uberpool passenger and her Uber driver while sharing an UberPool ride with both of them.

According to the video, the Uber driver had complained that he doesn’t earn as much from the fare this time as the passengers are going to the same destination. He grumbled about Uber and said that it was siding with customers.

The passenger asked the uncle why he was driving Uber if he was unhappy about it, which triggered the driver to shout: “Who are you to tell me?”

“Then why are you complaining!?” responded the passenger.

The driver and the passenger continued to argue, this time about the passenger’s demands to ask him to speed up to 90KM/HR from his current speed of 80KM/HR. The passenger insisted that a speed of 90KM/HR is normal, to which the driver replied, “This is not your decision” and threatened to drop the passenger off at the expressway.

The video descended into chaos as both passenger and driver hurled vulgarities at each other, with the argument ending with the driver dropping the passenger off after the expressway.

When asked by twitter users about @catp4ws’s reaction, she wrote, “AHAHAHA I JUST KEEP QUIET I FKIN SCARED.”

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