A netizen shared that he had received a phone call from number 65363616, which played a voice recording allegedly from the Singapore Police Force in English. The phone recording instructed him to key in some numbers or face a penalty for existing criminal cases.

After some quick thinking, the netizen informed the SPF on their Facebook page. The SPF responded that they are looking into the case and warned netizens not to be taken in.

Read their statement below.

“Hi Muji, the Police are aware that members of public have received phone calls from callers claiming to be from the Singapore Police Force. The recipients of such calls would first hear an automated English or Mandarin voice message instructing them to enter a number. A Mandarin-speaking operator would then ask for their personal information, or inform them to proceed to the police station with their identification card or police officers would be despatched to their residence.

The Police would like to clarify that these calls were not made by SPF officers. Such calls are typical scammers’ tactics. Members of the public are advised to take the following precautions when they receive calls from unknown parties:

(i) Ignore such calls and the caller’s instructions.
(ii) Do not provide your name, identification number, passport details, contact details, bank account or credit card details. Such information are useful to criminals.
(iii) Do not transfer any money to the caller and report the matter to the Police immediately.

More information on scams can also be found here:

Members of the public who have received such calls or have information related to such scams can submit the information online at or lodge a police report.

Do share this advisory with your family and friends to prevent them from being the next victim of scam!”

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