Irate residents query lift breakdowns

I refer to the article “Irate residents query manufacturer about lift breakdowns” (Straits Times, Apr 9).

It states that “Mrs Teo also said the performance of the lifts serving the three 40-storey Natura Loft blocks was unacceptable. With 5.2 breakdowns per lift per year, it fared worse than other estates in the GRC with similar high-speed lifts.

4 breakdowns per lift per year?

“We want to bring this number down to four breakdowns per lift per year, which is on par with the rest of the lifts in the GRC. I believe it can be done,” said Mrs Teo.

Each time there is a breakdown, the lift can take over a week to repair. One lift at Block 275 has been decommissioned since February.

But she said the data does not suggest that the Sigma lifts need replacing right away as the breakdown rate was not of “an order of magnitude of difference” from the average lift.”

Town councils’ lift performance scoring?

According to – TCMR Scoring Methodology – Lift Performance – Lift breakdown rate [5 points] –

the current average lift breakdown rate per 10 lifts (4 points)

Average no. of lift breakdowns
per month (per 10 lifts)
= ( Total lift breakdowns


Total no. of lifts managed

) x10


Average no. of breakdowns Points
< 1
1 to < 2
2 to < 3
3 to < 4
≥ 4
Scaled to a 4-point score

Score is 3.33?

So, 4 breakdowns per year x 10 lifts divided by 12 months x 10 = 3.33.

Point score is 2?

So, does it mean that the point score is 2?

2 out of 5 is OK?

Are we saying that a score of 2 on a 5 to 1 scale is acceptable and should be the benchmark for lifts’ breakdown performance?

2 vs 4 (average for all town councils)?

Also, does it mean that Bishan -Toa Payoh’s score is 2, which is way below “the current average lift breakdown rate per 10 lifts (4 points)”?



Leong Sze Hian

A.S.S. Contributor

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