The Cat Welfare Society has shared an interview with the former girlfriend of Tampines cat Abuser Fajar Ashraf Fajar Ali.

Fajar was charged and sentenced to 18 weeks jail on 13 March this year for throwing a cat down from the 10th floor of a public housing block in Tampines and slamming the dying cat twice on the ground to ensure that it died.

The video interview was published following the expiry of the appeal period for this case, which protects the video makers and the witness from any legal ramifications.

According to the ex-girlfriend, she had broken up with Fajar because he was physically abusive towards her. She sustained many injuries during her time with him, including a bleeding dent on her forehead once when he threw a mobile phone at her.

She recounted how he would promise to change, only to turn back into his abusive self a few days later. His “split personality” would make him appear extremely nice to his friends and family, but only she and his animal victims would know how violent he could get.

The Cat Welfare Society wants to show that animal abusers do not just abuse animals. Psychological studies from around the world have demonstrated that animal abuse is correlated to violence and misconduct in other aspects of a person’s life. They hope that this interview will alert everyone to the seriousness of fighting animal abuse.

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