The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) has issued a warning against a Danish online retailer which has been “forcing” consumers to buy their products by sending them the products even without their customers’ consent to buy.

LuxStyle International sells beauty products online and placed advertisements on social media. The site does not display prices until a customer provides his name, home address and email address.

After doing that, most customers who saw the $50 price tag decided against buying the products, which was too expensive for a single pack of liquid facial masks. They did not enter their credit card details.

Which is why many were shocked to receive a parcel containing LuxStyle’s products and an invoice claiming that the order was confirmed.

When customers wrote to LuxStyle saying they had not placed any orders, LuxStyle’s customer service would insist they did, claiming that “filling out the order form and accepting the terms and agreements… completes the order process.” They also claim that the order could not be cancelled, but Mr Kumar could return the parcel to Denmark and pay for air freight out of his own pocket.

LuxStyle followed up their unethical sales push with several notices, via email and post, threatening to pay within 10 days or face action from debt collectors and lawyers. The firm has also been billing him a $10 late penalty fee for each month that payment has not been made.

Mr Kumar has set up a Facebook page, LuxStyle International Scam Singapore, to warn others, and lodged a police report last Wednesday.

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