32 year old Mrs Wu who was 21 weeks pregnant went to KK Hospital expecting to deliver her baby but got a successful abortion instead. This incident left Mrs Wu and her husband fuming at the hospital. The incident took place on 23 March 2017.

That morning, Mrs Wu realised that she was bleeding below and informed her husband who promptly sent her to KKH. However because the foetus was not 22 weeks old, they were unable to go to the Gynaecologist and could only go to the A&E. They reached the hospital at 9am but only saw a doctor at 10.45am.

“The doctor checked and said there was nothing wrong with my wife and child, and gave my wife some medicine, but my wife said her stomach was still hurting and she was still bleeding. When my wife went to the ward, she felt the pain in her stomach growing. But the doctor only gave her painkillers and the nurse gave her a brochure on how to control the pain.”

Later that afternoon, Mrs Wu’s water bag burst and the doctor who arrived told her to push hard as the baby was on its way out. Shockingly, the doctor told the couple she had a successful abortion and this pissed the couple off as they were here to deliver the baby and not have an abortion.

KK Hospital spokesman explained that when the doctor said ‘abortion’, he referred to the termination of pregnancy, and that would means either an abortion or a miscarriage. When Mrs Wu’s water bag broke, a miscarriage was unavoidable. KK hospital is in touch with the family and offering them assistance.

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