Dear Editors,

I am Singaporean born in the 70s. The topic today I would like to bring up is those whose parents left and left them property and fortunate be it 2 room flat, 3 room flat, CPF or insurance policies. As we know most of the aging who was from the older generation had managed to purchase a property and when they pass on, eventually, the children will get inherit all the fortunate and become richer. Don’t get me wrong, I am not cursing anybody, parents are priceless, we hope they can live longer as long as possible.

Back to the topic, among those who I know, I am the only whose parents do not possess any property and no insurance policies, not to mention about CPF. We were brought up and stayed in rental flat since children, my father and mother divorced when we were young and both are uneducated. My father being the only breadwinner, did not manage to earn any regular income and life was struggling until 3 of us work part time during school days or finished studies and start to work. Till today, we are married and bought our own house and my father is currently staying with my unmarried sister.

That will imply that when my parents pass on, we will have nothing, zero left for us unlike any other who had hundred thousand of money from their parent’s flat, CPF and others. I am wondering is there other Singaporean like us who will encounter the same fate? Will we continue to be the poor since many will be richer after each inherit few hundred thousands which common folks like us will never be able to earn such a sum.

Just curious are we the only one left to stay poor due to our parents never purchase any flat in Singapore.

Ms Tay
A.S.S. Contributor

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