Dear editors,

Pastor Kong Hee definitely deserves a lighter sentence! Thank God for listening to our prayers and recognising he’s a good man… I want to clarify that everything our pastor done was for the good of the church and he did not have malicious intents.

The Pastor Kong that I know is a very responsible person. He is our Shepherd who won’t ever do things that will harm the church. Pastor Kong never forced us to give money… we contributed on our own and trust the church with our money cos we are one big family!

Pastor Kong is also a humble and frugal man, unlike what everybody says about him. He never even receive a single cent of salary from the church!

I just want people to understand that our CHC leaders didn’t mean any harm and are deep down very good natured children of God. I’m sure God knows that they’re good people and got touched by our fervent prayers. Pastor Kong was right! God is good all the time… all the time, God is good!

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