City Harvest church members continue to express support and respect for their almighty abba Kong Hee even though he was found guilty of misappropriating church funds. They claim him to be a miracle pastor who give them strength to overcome difficult times in their lives and did not regret being part of CHC.

Some still believe the Crossover project “saved” hundreds and thousands of people. Someone even hope for the church leaders to have a chance to appeal again so they can get a “clean sheet”.

What do you think? Are they loyal or brainwashed?

Ddaniel Sia: “Thank you pastor, your faith has given me the strength to go through a difficult season in my life too. I know that if my pastor can go through this, I can do it too.”

Anthony Chan: “Pastor Kong, I remember you told us that you never regret in doing the crossover project. Hundreds n thousands souls were saved. We also never regret of being CHC members ystdy , today n forever.”

Jihan Ricci R. Villaruz: “There is great miracle pastor. We keep praying and beleiving on that. We luv i”

Shawn Ng: “May God shower His abundant blessings, joy, peace, patience, love, forgiveness and unity upon our Church, the six accused and our families in Jesus’s magnificent name. I hope they will allow another appeal and issue clean sheet.”

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