Dear Editors,

I would like to dispute about the 16 YO boy’s view and comment on taxi VS Uber/Grab. I used to drive taxi part time but stopped. Taxi drivers are not lazy people, waiting for mid-night charges from 11ish to 12am before we pick up passenger. We are just trying to rest at an appropriate time. We are no robots and we cannot drive 12 hours shift and we have to take breaks.

6pm – 8pm, its the time when people are rushing home, and thats the time where demand is high and of coz we have to work hard and not rest during that time. After 8pm, we can have a short dinner break, and resume at around 8.30pm – 11pm where shopping centres starts to close and we are busy fetching those dine out, movie kakis, etc, home. After this period, cant we have a break and wait for midnight charge to kicks in before we start driving?

Anyway, FYI, I prefer City Surcharge + Peak Hour compared to Midnight, and most of the times, it is more expensive then midnight.

Quote an example: Bugis to Bedok at 11pm – Approximately $10 fare + 35% = $13.50 + $3 (City Surcharge) = $16.50 Same example at 12am : Bugis to Bedok at 12am – Approximately $10 fare + 50% Midnight = $15

If thats the case, why do we have to wait till midnight to fetch you? Say longer distance? Peak hour and Midnight is only 15% difference, which means even if your basic fare is $20, it only make a difference of $3. Sometimes students or young guys/gals ask us for discounts when they dont have enough $ to go home, the discounts are more then $3, so why should we purposely wait 30mins or more, just for midnight charge?

Aside to this, 30 mins wait, I can fetch you from Jurong to Changi Airport, and pick up another passenger at 12am sharp. That 30mins, I can easily make at least $20 already. Why would I say no to $$$?

Ex-Taxi Driver
A.S.S. Contributor

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