Dear Editors,

The CECA trade pact has caused many neighbourhoods in Singapore to experience an explosion of Indian nationals like never seen before. I am comfortable with having only the Indian professionals involved settle and work in Singapore, but why is the Singapore government allowing the families and extended families of these Indian nationals settle in Singapore as well?

I have come across households where there is only one working professional from India, but the wife, children, grandfather and grandmother who are not working and contributing to our economy are all happily settling here and enjoying our country’s limited resources. These foreign nationals upon getting their PR would also be buying our subsidised public housing (HDB flats). I do not know any cases personally, but I have heard cases whereby these foreign nationals would just rent out their HDB flats legally and remain in their own countries to enjoy the rental income from the HDB flats.

Trade pacts like the CECA should not even exist, coz we can always allow foreign professionals in on a case by case basis and we are in no shortage of professionals who want to work here. There are millions of university graduates from India and China each year and even without any trade pact, thousands of foreigners would happily want to settle and work in Singapore.

With regard to foreigner PRs buying HDB flats, I think the government should make it illegal for these foreigners to rent out their HDB flats, and make it mandatory for them to take up citizenship (within a specified time if they are still eligible) or have them return the HDB flas to the government at cost.

Disgruntled Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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