The 2 petite Chinese girls who bore the brunt of Bracelet Lady’s violence and swearing at the Owndays spectacle shop in Tiong Bahru Plaza have been given days off to recover from the shock and injuries inflicted on them during the incident.

According to the manager of the Owndays branch, the 2 employees, aged 22 and 28, are still in shock and still have bruises on their arms from the attack.

The 2 girls were 10 minutes away from closing time when a passerby burst in seeking shelter from Bracelet Lady. The passerby claims Bracelet Lady was aggressive towards her for “no reason”. When Bracelet Lady barged into the outlet, she was captured on video turning her rage against the 2 sales employees and shouting at them to retrieve her bracelet. She could be seen pushing one sales staff against a counter and hitting her repeatedly, yanking another by her hoodie and slapping her too, and assaulting the person filming the whole scene.

When passersby and a security guard tried to intervene, she continued her barrage until she was finally placated and given a seat to cool off.

The manager in charge of the outlet, Travor Hwong, told reporters: “I met them yesterday to check on them. They are still shocked. When I was trying to find out how they are, one of them started tearing up,” he said.

His 28-year-old colleague who was assaulted has been working for Owndays for two years, while the 22-year-old has been with the eyewear chain for eight months. He has also posted an online video to commend his staff.

“When I asked them why they didn’t run away, they said they just couldn’t think. They wanted to remain professional, so they didn’t retaliate,” said Hwong.

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