Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam met with Imam Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel at Ba'alwie Mosque for breakfast and a video of the meet up showed the Imam visibly emotional and trying hard to hold back his tears as the Law Minister comforted him. 

Minister Shanmugam said that action taken against the truly remorseful and apologetic Imam was taken with some regret and MHA has said the Imam would be repatriated back home to India. Shanmugam said he wanted to meet and tell the Imam he appreciated his sincerity.

As for Imam Nalla, in his farewell message to community leaders, he said this was a priceless lesson on how Singaporeans treasure diversity and harmony and he had no right to attempt to agitate them. He shared that Law Minister Shanmugam assured him that even a man found guilty by the Courts will still be embraced by society so long he realises and repents from mistakes. 

"I am filled with utmost envy and respect for this nation", Imam Nalla said. 

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