Guys, I’m not sure if anyone feels the same way that I do. I feel that Singapore is increasingly becoming more colour-coded by our natural pigmentation than what we touted ourselves to be.

1) The hiatus-triggered President election that is reserved for Malay.
2) Top military command posts are not multi-racial
3) Race categorisation in many application forms, including job and Permanent

I remember a time when I felt proud to recite the pledge of multi-racial
society based on meritocracy.. Now that the President election is not really
based on the best candidate forward, but based on pigmentation. The same can
be said for (2) and (3).

For our society to progress, I believe that we need to be inclusive, assess
individuals based on merits. I am ashamed to say the least that PR
application requires me to fill in my race, and I am confident that
maintaining the racial ratio is one of the key considerations.

I’m from the majority race in Singapore, but increasingly confused by the
values we stand by as a Singaporean.

Is Singapore progressively racist?

Chinese Reader
A.S.S. Contributor

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