After bracelet lady ungraceful 3 mins of viral fame there are a few things that needs to be addressed.

Firstly i want to say what she did was wrong and she should face punishment, service staff should not be abused like that ever. It would be great if people could actually talk about the abuse solely but unfortunately there are many people on the internet and sometimes when a altercation involved a person who is less privilege you will get comments like this.

There are people out there who use such incidents to enforce their racism,homophobia,transphobia and general discrimination based views. If you are a chinese singaporean in singapore and you did something stupid your race will not be brought up and you will not get an many racial slurs just because the majority of singapore population is chinese.

Again i am not condoning what this lady has done but at the same time i cannot pretend that if a chinese lady had done the same thing she would receive the same treatment. Understanding privilege helps us understand why people may act out with such strong emotions. Marginalised minority groups usually feel a need to protect themselves more because of past racism or phobia related behaviour that might have negatively affected them.

Here is an example, me as an indian person i am pretty used to people moving away from me when i sit next to them on the train, if one day i have an outburst and starting shouting “fucking chinese what u think i smelly is it fuck your mother pass away” i am pretty sure there will be a viral video saying “racist indian scolds chinese on train” what you see is the 10 secs of me losing it, but what i am asking singaporeans to do is to be more understanding and try to look at the causes and be a little more discerning when casting judgement. Again if i exploded on the train it would be wrong and not a nice thing to do, but when dealing with marginalized minority groups it is important to understand that there is more to the issue than just face value.

Benjamin Matchap
A.S.S. Contributor

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