Dear brothers and sisters

Right now there are so many unhappiness in the Taxi industry cause by the latest JustGrab and soon to be CDG fix fare rate!!! And all this are pushing the fares way down low most of time …..the drivers I have spoken to are giving the same feedback during beta testing! So how??

Well…. I always advocate The calls are there! To take or not you guys have a choice but I also advocate that you all are the assets to the corps that they should take better care of but obviously they are turning a deaf ear to our plight!!!

So if drivers understands and know this if nobody….. the drivers took the calls than obviously it will slowly dies it’s own death…….. but haiz…… hard coz still many drivers are hungry and can only see the moments of the day!!

Make use of the Apps instead of the Apps (Corps) making use of you!!!!

The pie/cake are only that big here in Singapore and I would clearly states it will not be divided fairly or how should should I say……… some will make it coz they are very resourceful and I can say TDs are very resourceful lot lol……. but majorities won’t ….. the reasons I’m sure most of you older guys will know
It’s sad when you hear a lot of TDs are giving up driving TAXI and returning Cabs especially CDG!! And I do hope big CDG Corps should help the drivers more instead of coming up with idiot schemes

Which more or less making the drivers putting more hours on the road and all the schemes given are actually drivers own money!! DO the maths bro n sis and you will know what I mean!!

And as for the rest of the private Taxi corps you did well by lowing the Rental……which does help the drivers in a way but more should be down during this Time!! By partnering with 3rd party Corps you are at a very disadvantage later on if one day if they grab hold of the whole market than they will dictate what should be and what not to be done…… basically you won’t be you own boss but one that’s being controlled!!

For me i rather be competing with fellow Taxi companies than letting others control how I want my company direction to go forward!! Come out with more taxis and rest all those privates cars and let them cross over instead of the other around!!!

Now if all TDs all crossover than taxi industry dies …… and 3rd party corps will dictate the fares and how much you guys would earn!!!

But if 50%-80% of phvs crossover and let them ( 3rd parties crops) be what they originally meant to be……which is connecting available car owners to commuters instead of putting more Rentals Cars on Singapore Road which all should knows is jamming up our Roads!!! Hmmm…… talk about car lite Singapore what a load of rubbish!!

So brothers and Sisters and Taxi Corps how you want our Taxi industry to go forward is entirely up to you guys!!!
Perhaps it’s not too late……
So drive safe and good luck all the way

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