A new interactive map of Yishun has been set up, but it's not the kind of map MP Lee Bee Wah would be proud of.
According to the local multimedia artist Lhu Wen Kai, his interactive map illustrates the numerous events that have "plagued" the residents there over the past few years, from murders, sexual crimes, animal cruelty, criminal activity and the supernatural.
Describing Yishun, he writes: "With a population of  205,000, the residential area appears to be well-equipped, with plenty of schools, accommodation, parks, transport, sports, entertainment and medical facilities to boot. Yet, darkness lurks at every corner of this cursed city, with loonies, murderers, perverts, animal killers, criminal enterprises, and the supernatural all too eager to fight for the headlines. But perhaps, a certain district bears the unfortunate brunt of the spell cast upon this settlement, a jinxed neighborhood known as… The Devil's Ring."
The page even comes with its own archive of news stories reporting on the strange and bizarre events that have taken hold of the town, and Singaporeans', fertile imaginations. All of these events are color coded in the map and categorized into one of the following categories: SIAO LANG (LOONIES), CURSED LUCK, SUICIDES, MOTHER NATURE, MURDERS, SEX, CRIME, DRUGS.
Lhu quips: "With bad luck holding the town hostage, we wish its doomed residents all the best. May the invisible man in the sky have mercy on their souls."

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