I am a youth of this beautiful country, this very safe and clean country. But I can’t help but noticed, and I am not the only one, the amount of people, particularly youths like myself who are transitioning to adulthood, wanting to leave this country, to seek life and opportunities elsewhere in the world.

Why would we want to leave friends and family and the ease of a lifestyle we
already know, and risk it all for foreign places? It is a staggering amount
of people (especially of the youths in schools who are a little educated) who
share this need to escape. This need to escape is unlike the need of
immigrants who seek a better life elsewhere in the world. This need of
Singaporeans to escape is more like a need to breathe.

I suppose anyone who is quite set-up in this country (as the West calls it
“Old Money”) wouldn’t share this need to breathe, and stay to become leaders,
who, in the speech in the movie The Great Dictator, “…free themselves, but
they enslave the people.”. This sentiment here is quite obvious in reference
to whom it addresses.

Anyways, contrarians. I need not mention all the recent measures taken thus
far by those in high places to silence those who “Those who deliberately
spread falsehoods…” which just scream ORWELLIAN. This is why the youths
seek the need to breathe, among all the other time the shepherds have
fleeced, ate, or fucked the people. We need leaders of today (Because I don’t
believe in Anarchy for the continued existence of humanity), leaders fit to
serve people who are very, very educated and very aware, who need an
opportunity to call out what is without “legal” consequences.

“The paradox of education is precisely this – that as one begins to become
conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.” –
James Baldwin.

The recent measures taken are the ways to kill the contrarian, the person who
has a voice and ideals, who can’t take bending over and getting fucked

A.S.S. Contributor

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