A trio of police men from Sengkang Neighborhood Police Center have been recognized for their heroic actions of saving a 2 year-old boy.

According to the Singapore Police Force Facebook page, a woman had rushed into the Neighborhood Police Center with a young, unconscious toddler and laid the boy on the counter in front of SSSgt Mohamad Azhar bin Abdul Aziz, who was handling a complaint at the time.

“I was in shock. I knew I had to act fast or the boy would die. He was not breathing and did not have any pulse,” recalled SSSgt Azhar.

Sgt Mohamad Adam bin Roslan who was beside SSSgt Azhar immediately called for an ambulance, while SSSgt Azhar cradled the 2 year-old child in one arm to support his neck and performed chest compressions with his other hand. Just as he was about to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, SSSgt Azhar noticed the boy starting to regain consciousness.

While this happened, SSgt Joshua Kwek received an alert from his police communications and sprinted to the nearby Polyclinic to request for a doctor. He found one doctor working past clinic hours and returned to inform his colleagues. Together with the boy’s grandmother, they brought the boy to the polyclinic where he received emergency first aid treatment before he was sent to the hospital. He has since recovered.

Said SSSgt Azhar, “While waiting for the ambulance, I kept engaging him to keep him active and alert. When he responded to give me a high-five, I felt a great sense of relief. I feel fortunate that he survived.”

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