Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I would like to bring to your attention on the conduct of 2 plain clothes police officer by the name of SI Vincent and SSG Kang from Central Division who attended a case at Block 668 Chander Road on 04/03/17 at about 2100 hours.

The team of officers parked their vehicle at BKE1 and left to carry out their investigation on a bicycle theft that took place earlier on, a Wilson Parking attendant who was on the evening shift came along and started the check to ensure all vehicles parked at BKE 1 after 7pm belongs to the residents who are staying at Block 668.

When i came back at about 9 plus after dinner, i went over and greeted the Wilson parking attendant. She asked me if this vehicle by the car plate number SJY7818L from C&P rental belongs to any of the residents staying at the above mentioned block and my answer was no.

Shortly after, the team of plain clothes police officer walked towards the car and one of them started to question the parking warden why they were issued with a ticket and he started to raise his voice saying that SJY7818L is an un-marked Police vehicle.The parking warden explained to SI Vincent that they were parking at a season holder lot, the warden went on to explain to SI Vincent that he could write an appeal to waive off the ticket if the vehicle really belongs to SPF.SI Vincent then went on and told the warden by saying ‘Writing the appeal is easy but have you thought of the paper work involved’.

I am just wondering if this is how an SI should carry himself in the public especially when there are residents around? How should a parking attendant who was carrying out her job diligently know that SJY7818L was supposedly to be an un-marked police vehicle?

The reason why i overheard all this was because i walked over to see what was happening and to ensure that the hard working warden do not get abused by outsiders who frequently parked at BKE 1 after 7pm.

As for SSG Kang, he came over to me and identified himself but he made a remark which i think was uncalled for, he mentioned about recording because i was holding on to my phone at that point of time. I immediately showed him that i am not recording any of the incident that took place. SSG Kang should have checked before making that statement.

I remembered Minister Shanmugam made a speech in the parliament yesterday, quote and unquote:

“All this has been possible because of several factors, but a key and critical factor is the immense dedication and commitment of our Home Team officers. This is a survey on the Police Force. But at the broader level, it also gives a perspective to the discussions about the Public Service. Singapore is where it is today because of three key reasons – excellent political leadership, excellent Public Service, and excellent quality of our people who are extraordinarily capable. If any one of these factors were absent, we would be in a very different position.”

Looking at the event that took placed, i would suggest the 2 plain clothe police officer be send for retraining base on the above highlighted in red.

SI Vincent and SSG Kang behaviour was a far cry from Inspector Patrick and the 2 Police officers dispatched from Rochor NPC, the 2 Police officer were very diplomatic and courteous in their approach towards the residents in this whole event.

Kelvin Lim
Resident of Block 668.

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