A lady who was at Tiong Bahru Owndays and witnessed the abuse first hand gave some context to the incident. She claimed that the dispute started between the assailant and a “China lady”. When the assailant began to be racists towards the lady, she went into Owndays to seek help and that led to the beating up and abuse of the two Owndays female staff.

She claimed that the attacker anyhow beat the staff and accused them of stealing her bracelet when they did nothing of that sort. The eyewitness opined that this woman was possibly crazy and needed serious mental treatment.

Facebook eyewitness Sheralyn Lee said:

“I was at the scene yesterday. A china lady and this indian lady took the same train and alight at the same station.

Whereby this indian lady was racist to this lady…. so this china lady went in to this shop to seek for help whereby this indian lady chase her frm station to shop just to find someone to argue.”

“So the staff were so innocent that was beaten by this crazy women and accused the staff by stealing her bracelet (after security came)… this is totally unacceptable…. this crazy women need to undergo a serious mental treatment. ”

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