Dear Editors,

I disagree with Faisal Manap on the way he always raise religiously sensitive issues in Parliament. Despite this, I hope you will allow me my freedom of speech and publish this response.

To the Malay community yes the tudung is important issue and all our ladies have this religious obligation to wear. It would be good to allow them to wear the tudung is all industries as it allow them to fulfill their obligations.

But Mr Faisal Manap, do you know why the attire our men and women in the SAF and Police and Nursing is called a uniform? It’s because it is meant to be UNIFORM, to show that regardless of religion, language or race, these personnel strive to be equal and uphold the pledge to defend all Singaporeans, not just their own race or religion.

I am not saying just because they wear a tudung or a christian cross they cannot be impartial but touch your heart and ask yourself, can all our uniformed personnel truly be 100% impartial and equal? Most likely the answer is no but it is an ideal which we strive towards despite our flaws. Just ask ourselves if we are 100% non-biased to our closest family or children? It is impossible!

Likewise it is important that our uniformed staff are reminded daily that all is equal among them and it starts with the uniform. Imagine if our muslim ladies champion for the tudung, then what is next? Should the Taoists and Buddhists be allowed to wear their religious pendants around their necks? Should the Indians be also allowed to wear their religious artefacts together with their uniforms?

Our uniformed services should be seen as equal and try its best to look and be equal despite our human flaws of biasness.

I hope Mr Faisal can truly be an MP for all Singaporeans instead of just the malay community. I hope you can see how your constant raising of such sensitive issues may cause others outside the malay community to feel uneasy. You are an elected MP, you have the right to raise any issue in Parliament, I hope you use your power with responsibility and help move Singapore forward, not just keep it exclusive for our malay community. You are better than this!

Ibrahim Noordin
A.S.S. Contributor

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