65 year old Yong Koon Seong, who was caught red handed by his 11 year-old student’s grandmother with his hands up the young girl’s shirt on 24 Jun 2014, was jailed 13 and a half months yesterday.

The tutor had molested the girl twice in her own home. He touched and squeezed the poor child’s breasts without her consent on 20 Jun, and only 4 days later, he became aroused after he noticed that the girl was not wearing a bra. He reached across the table and grabbed her chest.

The young girl tried to move Yong’s hand away but could not. He moved behind the victim and put his hands into her shirt to squeeze her breasts. Shocked, humiliated and afraid, she could only sit silently in her chair.

Yong continued his abuse of the girl for 2 to 3 minutes until he realized the victim’s grandmother was standing at the door. The 62 year-old woman confronted Yong but he insisted nothing had happened.

When Yong left, he warned the young girl to lie to her grandmother about why he had been standing behind her. He forced her to say that he had a backache and could not sit for too long, and so he had been standing behind her to check her work.

The girl later confided in her grandmother, who called her parents, who asked him to come over to provide an update on their daughter’s progress. When he did not turn up, the mother of the student called Yong, who begged them to give him a second chance.

The mother again asked him to come to the house. This time, Yong turned up and admitted he had molested the girl twice on separate occasions. He cried and asked for a second chance, but the victim’s mother had already called the police. He was arrested that night.

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