Today is the actual day of Qing Ming festival and I can’t imagine taxi, uber and grab drivers, including Chinese ones, can’t honor this day. These bunch of drivers can get stuck in the jam for hours just to go JB to eat, shop and pump petrol but so unwilling to get stuck in the jam on the way in and out of the cemetery? Hello, Singapore jam is only the most an hour and how much can you earn in an hour?

Set off at 6am, booked cab and uber, despite not keying in my destination, it
seems like now these pricks are smart, see us with all our big and small
bags, cancelled booking upon seeing us. Grabcar, GrabTaxi and Grabhitch
ignored our bookings.

My take is that are these people driving taxis and private hires for the sake
of earning money of serving the community? Why can’t they just bear with the
fact or earning lesser and/or just waste an hour coming out empty? How much
can they want in an hour? $100? $1000? Come on, one hour a driver can only
earn less than $20, why even be so unwilling over $20? When they drive their
friends and families, I don’t see them making noise over the jam or an hour
saying that they are losing money.

I even put a note saying “tips of $8” no drivers want? It’s so inconvenient
that i have to spend almost 1.5 hours just to go and pray and squeeze onto
the bus.

So I don’t know how Channel 8 news can say within 3 hours there are lotsa
people taking taxis to cemeteries to pray?

A.S.S. Contributor

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