Orchard Towers, already infamous for its vice activities and night revelries, is now home to over 20 massage parlors. Not surprisingly, many of these parlors offer services that are off the menu.

According to netizens, the women at these joints have sometimes provided “full service”, a euphemism for sexual intercourse.

Such activity is illegal under the law.

The increase to over 20 massage parlor is an almost 200% increase from the recent past. Reporters who visited the shopping center spotted at least 10 women in revealing attire who were aggressively touting for customers.

An office worker who works in the building revealed that although such massage parlors are a common sight in the area, the past few months has seen an explosion in the number of parlors located there. He revealed that the women are usually busiest on Friday and Saturday nights.

He added that these are the times when turf wars sometimes break out, especially when competition for customers is very tight.

Some of the women were seen approaching potential customers and hooking their arms around the men in an attempt to persuade them to frequent their joint.

When a reporter asked one of the women how much it would cost for a massage, inclusive of “full service”, he was quoted a total of $150.

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