Dear A.S.S. Editor

According to the Minister of Law, the number of students and professionals caught for drug offences has risen yearly. The Minister also warned of a new generation of drug abusers, with youth mistakenly thinking that drugs are cool, or that cannabis is non-addictive.

Well, this is very worrying indeed. Our young generation, the future of our nation, are taking drugs, and they think it’s alright and cool. Thus far, more than 350 students have been caught for drug abuse over the past three years, while 70 professionals and managers were arrested for such offences last year. While the numbers seem relatively small, what is worrying is that this is becoming a trend, and the numbers have actually been increasing year by year.

Why is that so? Nowadays, information is so readily available, especially to the young generation, for them to know about the dangers of drug abuse. Or is it because of the ease of information available to them, it is easier for them to get these drugs?

Sean See

A.S.S. Contributor

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