I refer to an article published on yesterday’s Lianhe Wanbao that a family of 6 were killed in a road accident along the North South Highway while they were in their way to pray their ancestors for Qing Ming. The accident happened when a truck toppled and crushed onto the MPV. The 27 year old truck driver was arrested and the Malaysian police said that the driver had past cases of driving illegally, reckless driving and driving without insurance.

Now this poses worry to us as well as there are many Malaysian vehicles plying our roads daily and most of them were always driving or riding recklessly. As Singaporean motorists, we are required to bring along our insurance certificate and road tax payment to drive into Malaysia to ensure that our vehicle insurance covers us in West Malaysia.

The worrying trend is that if we need to possess insurance certificate and road tax payment in order to enter Malaysia, then our authorities should do the same to Malaysian vehicles entering Singapore! The moment these Malaysian vehicles reaches Singapore customs, check for their driving license, insurance certificate and also ensure that their vehicles are in roadworthy conditions, many of the vehicles were poorly maintained and often breakdown by the side of the roads! And also, I have got a friend who got rear ended by a Malaysian registered truck and he have to claim his own insurance for the damages as the Malaysian truck didnt have insurance coverage!

I seriously hope the authorities will implement this as well as it concerns the safety of all road users on Singapore roads, and tackle Malaysian motorists thoroughly and prohibit them from leaving the country until investigations are over or fines are being paid off should they get involved in an accident here!

A.S.S. Contributor

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