Dear A.S.S. Editor

The man who caused the Hougang MRT Station to be closed for an hour yesterday apparently left the luggage bag intentionally, while he went to run an errand.

The Police have confirmed that luggage bag contains “only household items”. The man surely would have known that he was purposely creating a public nuisance by leaving the bag unattended. What was he trying to prove? If he was testing the standard of readiness of the Singapore Police, then he would have know that they were ready to act in a moment’s notice. The fact that they caught him so fast after the the bag was discovered showed how efficient the officers are.

Or was he purposely doing this so he can get a free ticket to IMH? Police investigations are still ongoing, so let’s wait for that to be concluded, and we will find out more his reasons for doing this. Well done ot the officers of the Singapore Police, the paramedics from SCDF, and staff of SBS Transit for their quick reactions, and averting any large scale panic.

Osman Saptu

A.S.S. Contributor

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