A van crashed into a shop house at the heavily populated Bugis shopping district much to the shock of customers and passers-by.

Thankfully, there were no injuries among the pedestrians, who were shielded from the impact of the crash by clothes, racks and the pillars of the building.

At about 6.30PM on Saturday, a goods van was making a turn along the junction of Rochor and Victoria Street when the driver lost control of his vehicle and flew over the divider separating the shop houses from the street. It crashed through the fence, ran over the surrounding bushes and trees and stopped just short of entering into a crowded clothing store situated along the rows of shops there.

A shop assistant who witnessed the accident recounted that there were passersby walking past the shop just as the van jumped the divider. There were screams of shock and fear but the van was stopped by the merchandise racks displayed along the walkway.

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