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What will happen to Singapore if there comes a day when we stop importing cheap foreign labour from overseas to do PMET jobs here? Will there be chaos and economic collapse? No! Tell you, the answer is the same as quitting smoking in three phases :

A) Initially you will feel pain, uncomfortable and GDP will not grow. The fellows who will complain the most will be the private sector. They will threaten, take it out on the locals esp the bigger ones who are actually rogues and don’t take no shit from any govt, they are just like hardcore addicts and globalisation and ease of hiring are their drugs.

b) Then economy will normalize and people will get used to lesser assholes in MRT/buses, slower pace of living and employers only hiring locals.

c) Eventually the citizens will be happier and life expectancy will increase. Just like in those Nordic countries where growth is not high but everyone is happier.

During phase (a) hardcore private sector will threaten Govt with jobs layoff. The truth is, it is not easy to shift around the globe, those that relocated have already planned it in advance irregardless of your FT policies.

Singapore can become great again if there is a reduction in foreigners coming here to steal jobs from locals. For sustainable progress, a country must invest in its own citizens and not just encourage employers to import cheap foreigners from third world countries whenever they want to maximize their profits. Employers who betray their fellow countrymen should be penalized with disincentives. Globalization is failing all around the world and we are seeing many Western countries turn away from the cheap labour and diversity at all costs approach. They are now becoming more attentive to the needs of their own citizens. Likewise, Singapore must adapt or become irrelevant.


A.S.S. Contributor

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