Dear A.S.S. Editor

Now, they are revisiting the issue of having a lunch break for the Singapore Exchange again. The last time, back in 2011, authorities scrapped the lunch break and implemented continuous all-day trading (CAT) for its equities market.

This had then caused an uproar, as after all, traders are humans too, and they do need to eat. But, things actually went swimmingly good in the six years it has been in operation and without dire consequences, there is no necessity for SGX to revisit this issue. The traders are not starving after the ban, and SGX better will not increase the current paltry trading volume, neither will it reduce it.

SGX better stop being a controlling organization for traders.There are other more pressing and urgent things to work on then to decide on lunch breaks. Your traders are human too, they need to eat like the rest of us too.

Ryan V

A.S.S. Editor

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