A reader shared that he was approached 3 times by Filipinos looking to sell their home made cupcakes to him. He wonders if this is legal in Singapore.

Read his account here.

“I got approached 3x in a day by Pinoys selling me a box of cupcakes for $10.?

Inside the clear plastic container has 5 cupcakes with different flavours.

1st guy approached me at a shopping centre and started spewing out the overly hypocritical greetings and saying ” im islam as well ” and i replied ” so? ”

2nd guy approached me when i was at the wet market buying groceries and saying he’s a student and he’s selling it to finance his studies.

3rd guy approached me when im at Marina and said he’s selling cupcakes to fund this awareness thing. I can’t remember.

I bought one just to test water and the verdict is the cupcakes is the same as the rest of the cupcakes you buy from home made sellers. No flavour, not moist. Just plain looking. Probably on my assumption, the cupcakes were repacked and sold for a profit. lol. Just giving a heads up for all of you”

A.S.S. Contributor

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