Dear ASS Editors,

i think the Imam at jamae chulia mosque did the right thing in taking responsbility for what he said. he cannot just come here to preach things that are not in the Quran and stir unhappiness. whats more, he is a religious leader. what if people look up to him and believe the wrong things he say?

we cant let someone like that influence us so easily. we must be extra careful cos nowadays there is the danger of radical islam and extremists trying to strike fear in the public. the imam play a super impt role for our muslims n becos of this huge responsibility, he was fined $4,000 for promoting emnity between religions. if we anyhow believe this kind of divisive ideas, singapore will become very vulnerable and end up messy like other countries.

we also cant let this affect our multicultural society. since last time, we have no problem living with each other. its not easy to get here so we should maintain it rather than let something like that spoil our relations. so everybody, be careful of what you hear and learn to differentiate right from wrong!

respect to imam nalla for making things right and admitting his mistake by pleading guilty for his indiscretion, he show us how a true man of religion should behave, humble and for the peace of this small country. thank you imam nalla. us singaporeans forgive u lah

A.S.S. Contributor

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