Human rights activist Han Hui Hui has left Singapore for an asylum bid in an undisclosed European country, says a source close to Ms Han.

This fact was confirmed by another socio-political activist, Leong Sze Hian, also the president of human rights group MARUAH in Singapore. He described Ms Han as “the bravest girl that I have met and she fights in ways that we never would have imagined.”

Ms Han’s asylum bid is the second to rock Singapore in recent weeks. In December last year, teen blogger Amos Yee sought and was successfully granted asylum in America.

Ms Han had previously contested in the 2015 General Elections as an independent candidate. She was recently ordered to remove and apologize for online statements that she made about the judiciary from her social media.

Ms Han is a former Malaysian but was granted Singapore citizenship in 2010. She first came to prominence after she fought the Council of Private Education over her comments about the education sector in Singapore. She then began to champion for CPF issues with fellow activist Roy Ngerng. On 27 September 2014, she, Roy and 4 others were arrested for causing a public nuisance for their CPF protests at Hong Lim Park. She was convicted and fined for the charges.

Human rights organisations, like the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), have called on the Singapore Government to stop the “judicial harassment” against Ms Han.

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