Dear A.S.S. Editor

Hi, I had a bad experience with a Grab taxi driver. Firstly my husband stated CLEARLY in the app our pick up point & he went into another block car park.Saw his vehicle number & we thought that he will turn back to the actual pick up point but NO instead he make us wait 10mins & we messaged him.

Instead of going out from the car park, he replied saying he’s waiting at this particular shop & asked if we are coming or not wtf why must we go thr when I’m holding my baby. CLEARLY in the app it states our pick up point but no this driver make no effort at all to find us & the worst part he cancelled on us & left wtf. I don’t know what is his problem cancelling on us, maybe just because we are Malay that’s why he cancelled on us? But seriously, if next time don’t want passenger, don’t accept/take it cos he wasted our time.

To that taxi driver, a bad rating for you. Super pissed


A.S.S. Contributor

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