Im wondering if any of you out there is also facing the same issue as me currently.

I have been with Viewqwest for a number of years now, this is my second contract and the past 1 1/2 years was hell for me.

The connection speed is constantly at a crawling speed, we can’t even load a page. We tried contacting customer service, no one picks up, or when they do they say someone would return our calls but nobody does … EVER.

Its so frustrating to the point…. I’m contemplating of cancelling the contract. Here comes the twist, even after your two year contracts ends, we would need to pay amount $136++ to have the port released.

Is this even right?

A service provider who is STILL actively advertising their services, promises a min* speed, charges a premium, but doesn’t deliver?

If you have a look at their FB page, there are at least 50-60 complaints of the same sort, why is it that nothing has been done?

Is there no lemon law to protect consumers ?

A.S.S. Contributor

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