I’m an ex con.

Being behind bars several times for drug offences,fighting,assaulting public servant and so on.. My last stay at CPC for my offences was in the year 2011 and I was release on 2014…

I have waste a lot of my time and have disappointed my beloved mum for so many time…But as a mum she has never given up on me..

While I’m serving my time in prison I have learned a lot and I have made a promise to myself that this gonna be my last stay over at CPC and will change my life style to be a better person after my release.

I was been selected for a CBP and was sent to Halfway House before I completed my sentence.Over at the Halfway House I have seen and learn a lot of new things in life.

Halfway House have change my life and let me be a better person. During my stay over at Halfway House, I have found my mentor and my role model and it cames to my mind to be like one of them after my programme.

Soon after I have completed my programme and while I’m serving my urine supervision,I have picked up a Lifesaving Course under Singapore General Hospital ( Alice Lee
Advance Nursing ) Pre Hospital Emergency Medical Service/Emergency Medical Technician.

While performing daily task I get myself involved with SANA as a volunteer…Today I have got what I want and I have seen my changes and achievement…

For the past 3 years I have been wanting to be an Rehabilitation Officer over at the Halfway House where I was placed before with one intention to help other in changing their life after they have completed their sentence…

God have answered my prayer and today I’m officially a staff over at the Halfway House. I really wish to help those who in needs and give them my support…I have gone thru a lot of difficulty in life,and I believed that if u really wish to change,u will see the changes once u really put in a full effort in your life…And for sure I have make my mum proud with my changes…Nothing is impossible in life..

If I Can,I Believed U Can…

Ramli aka YJ
A.S.S. Contributor

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