My Maid Is Having An Affair

I just spent the last 4 hours finding out and gathering sufficient evidence against my ungrateful maid who is having an affair with a maid agency owner (not sure if his agency is even legit) and have invited him to my house while nobody was home. She is also a big business women, running an illegal maid recruitment service with said singaporean guy to illegally smuggle maids into China. I'm just absolutely speechless, such an entrepreneur but can't do simple things like remembering to close windows after she opened them.

Of course, let's not forget that she is also such an awesome mother, that she feels she has a right to tell me that I'm not a good enough mother for my kids and texting her lover that she feels sad for my kids because they have a mother like me. Hmm.. I would like to think that my kids thank their lucky stars that I'm their mother, and not her.

But maybe, I don't know, maybe my kids would like to live in a dump and never see their mother (or father) while scraping to get by. Doubt that though. I may not be the perfect mother (who is?) but I give them a good comfortable life AND am still physically there for them every single day, night, bath, feed and sleep with them. So as a mother, I provide my kids with love, time and everything they possibly need plus more. And this bitch feeling sad for my kids? Hell, i feel like her kid has no hopes of going anywhere and is destined to die in the dump she put him in and left him.

I have been a super kind employer. No, seriously, I thought that by treating her with kindness, she will in turn appreciate that and just reciprocate. Obviously, I was wrong. I should have listened to everyone and just not go the extra mile because these maids, they never ever appreciate it. My mum even gifted her a $500 white gold diamond cross necklace. Yes, we are a family of good hearted idiots. What can I say, we just figured if we were nice, the maid will also be nice. I never ever restrict her food, she eats what we eat. In fact, I would often treat her to waygu burgers and truffle fries when we went out to dine because I know that is her favourite.

She tells her lover that I don't give her food. Seriously? I could get staffs from the diner where I often dine at to verify this statement because they always take her order of wagyu burger with truffle fries. This is the maid, that I trusted, that I treated well and that I would care for and gift her gifts on special occasions (birthday, mothers day, Christmas, new year, international women day etc). This is how this maid has decided to repay my kindness. To top that off, she is a Christian. Just…so holy. God must be proud.  

She has sent half naked photos of my son to her friends, strangers that I do not know and revealed very personal information about my family and even my address and home.

This maid is seriously a scary person.

Name: Tan Judith Ducay Nationality: Filipino

Married with 14 year old son Passport No: EB965XXXX 

Current Work Permit No: 02560XXXX 

The two are scheming on making fake passports and diploma certs for Filipinos to illegally enter China and work as maids but under illegally obtained work permits that are supposedly for teachers. I have downloaded all their chat conversions and have all the information proof of them conducting illegal recruitment.

Hire her at your own risk!

See below to find out more: 

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