Dear A.S.S. Editor

The Singapore Police have stated that a WhatsApp message doing the rounds yesterday citing two children being kidnapped at Jurong Point is a false news. No sich incident occurred at Jurong Point or any other malls, and no police reports made alleging such incidents had been lodged.

Police advised the public not to spread information that have not been verified, as spreading of such unverified and often wrong information may spread panic to the general public. Police also view the spreading of false information seriously, and anyone found guilty of purposely spreading false information to mislead the public can be taken to task.

We are already in a world where news spread very fast, and people take at face value of everything they read. We have to keep in mind that not all that we read online is true, and to always verify our source of information first before we start spreading. Some spreading of information helps, but false information definitely does nothing to the online community at large.

Andrew S

A.S.S. Contributor

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