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Yet more news on scammers at work! This time, fibre broadband customers, who have been tricked by rogue contractors to pay a fee to speed up the installation works. Usually, customers wait for about two weeks for Netlink Trust (NLT) contractors to turn up and install fibre points or activate fibre links, after placing an order with Internet service providers (ISPs) like Singtel or StarHub.

Some customers have alleged that these contractors then told them to pay a fee in cash to have the installation done on the day of appointment. NLT said it was not aware of the incidents but confirmed the payments are not legitimate. It urged consumers to report such cases.

What is happening in Singapore? Everything also want to scam. Is it so easy to make money now out of scamming people? Nothing is safe from getting scam now. Even installation fees for internet broadband also they want to scam us.

Tan CH

A.S.S. Contributor

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