A netizen shared a very brutal post shaming a woman who was raped by a colleague after she got drunk while out at Zouk. She was eventually rescued by her boyfriend, who found her drunk, unconscious and dressed in her colleague’s boxers and shirt in her colleague’s apartment.

She wrote: “The lady is obviously cheap. Nobody can force anyone to drink, hello she’s not a 3-year-old. Ppl offer drinks, u can always decline. Like duh. She’s obviously drinking it willingly la. Got BF still go club and accept drinks . Why is there even a discussion if she’s being forced? Nobody got her drunk except herself!”

She went on to insult the lady’s boyfriend, claiming that the “BF was only angry that he’s cuckolded. So the lady had to play along and say she’s forced into it la. Pity the other guy who got framed.”

As if that was not enough, she continued to demean the girl and claimed that if she allowed herself to get drunk to please her bosses, she shows a lack of “sensibility”.

Netizens who saw her comment reacted angrily to her tirade, but some agreed with her. Encouraged by the response, she wrote: “It’s not wrong to club but any self-respecting girls won’t keep drinking until she gets drunk and give others an opportunity to take advantage of her.”

One netizen summed up a perfect rebuttal to the netizen’s misguided opinions.

“I’m sorry but did you even read the article?
“Deputy Public Prosecutor Sellakumaran told the court that Ong was interested in her but she did not reciprocate as she was already in a long-term relationship.

However, she tolerated his advances in order not to jeopardise her internship, he said.”

Is it wrong of her to drink just because she didn’t want to lose her internship? And also she had already rejected his advances, isn’t that a clear enough stance that she’s not interested in him? No means no, and not saying yes doesn’t give anyone the authority to go ahead and do what they like! The medical examiner said that she was moving in and out of consciousness when she was undergoing the medical check, so what makes you think that she had he ability to consent to sex? Rape is rape, it is never the victim’s fault! Even if you leave your front door unlocked, the robber should be the one at fault because he knows that it is wrong to rob! And also, how can you use that analogy when women are humans, and not objects to be owned.”

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