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Another fake news spreading via online doing its round. What is wrong with people spreading fake news, or to give its new term, alternative news. Trying their best to scam others online? Wy are they doing this, just for kicks?

NEA is the latest agency to issue a statement, indicating that news about leaving used tissues in bowls or plates and then just leaving them there, and then be subsequently fined $200 for it is fake. NEA had never issued such directives, and indicated that there are no plans in place to fine such ‘offenders’. While this is just fake news being spread around, making a mockery of NEA’s supposed tough stance on littering, it is actually a good way to remind patrons at hawker centers that it is a good social behaviour to actually place used utensils in return trays.

This social behaviour unfortunately, have to be taught in Singapore. We are constantly reminded to place used bowls and plates in return trays placed strategically in hawker centers, and by the same token, to take away our trash like used tissues too. This is so that the next patrons can use the tables we are at without the need for them to clean up after us.

So remember, while news that NEA will fine anyone leaving used tissues in bowls are fake, it is good to actually clear and throw them into rubbish bins out of your own accord. Placing packets of tissue to chope your seats at hawker centers, on the other hand, is simply bad practise. Can NEA really fine these people instead?

Lim NC

A.S.S. Contributor

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