What the hell is happening here?

I went to a Charsiew Stall at a local coffee shop. I ordered $3.50 charsiew rice. I also told the young man that I don’t take much rice and requested LESS RICE.

The young man shook his head and told me. That would be $4.50!!! I told him that I just wanted less rice and NOT MORE CHARSIEW! The young man stood firm and said LESS RICE you pay $4.50!!! I did not want to argue with him and I paid $4.50!!!

I went to the nearby fish soup stall. I ordered $4 fish and vegetable soup.
When I got my dish, I saw very little fish. I told the Uncle ,can I add more
fish. He added two small miserable pieces of fish and charged me $5.00!!!

I then walked to the sugar-cane stall after finishing my charsiew rice. I
told the young man I only wanted little ice. He said $2.00!!! Normally, the
price for one glass of sugar cane water at this stall is $1.50. I just wanted
LESS ICE and NOT MORE .SUGAR CANE JUICE!! The young man got angry. ” Unca,
you want or not???”

I no choice and paid $2.00!!! I knew from experience that if I pay $1.50 for
the sugar cane water, it will be almost all ICE WATER!!! with very little
sugar cane juice.

What is happening here in Singapore. Food is getting more and more expensive
and the standard of food is going down the drain!!! You are paying more and
getting much much less with poorer quality and bloody lousy service.

Heartache Ah Kongkia
A.S.S. Contributor

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