So I was having lunch today at Lau Pa Sat with Shiun Ng and when I went to get drinks, this was the conversation between me and the 2 cashiers:

Me: 3 Oolong Tea pls
Pinoy Cashier: $7.50

*stunned for a while* but still have to pay right? Usually I will just pay then complain to my friends later but dunno why today maybe woke up too early.

Me: Can I have receipt.
*PC proceeds to search through printed receipts and gave me a receipt for 3 cans of oolong tea but for $5.40*

Me: It says here that it’s $5.40 not $7.50

*PC keys something else into the cash register and prints a $7.50 receipt. I take a look and the item is for sugarcane juice.*

Me: This is for sugarcane juice not for what I ordered.

*At this point of time, a China cashier steps in to try and brush me off.*

CC: We sell it like that. It’s $2.50 a can
Me: Then give me a receipt that says you are selling it for $2.50 a can.

*PC starts to looks flustered but CC ignores me and continues to serve the queue. I hot liao. Pointing to CC and raising my voice,
Me: Oi! I’m talking to u!

CC: System not updated yet so cannot give receipt
Me: System not updated then how to sell at this price?!

Both of them keep quiet for a while then PC quickly gives me back difference of $2.10.

So if it’s really system not updated, why gimme back my change? Why need to look flustered? This place is managed by Kopitiam no less!!

Attached picture for reference.

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