Dear Editor,

Spotted this AH Beng gangster on social media calling out someone and want to whack him in Yishun cinema. They got into a quarrel after the gangster block the screen and the other person call him an a**hole then he said he is AST (ang soon tong) and want to call people whack him.

As an old timer who was once active, I think young gangsters these days need to learn to be more standard. Firstly, no need to declare your gang. Just ask him where he’s from. If same gang can talk. If different gang just whack. Need to call people and bring metal pole? That’s why I say no standard.

And I see other examples of no standard gangsters. If u want to shout gang cheer don’t so stupid put on youtube. wah lau. really stupid. Fight also put on FB. Knn. Pui. These days gangsters really no standard.

Ah Xiong
ASS Reader

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