2 men fought over money at a coffeeshop in Anchorvale, but one of them winded up dead after taking 2 punches to the face.

Catering safety officer Tay Eng Soon, 53, had gotten into an argument with another man, Mr Lim Keow Chye, 49, over donations that the man’s late wife had collected for a temple in Thailand.

Visibly agitated during their argument, Mr Lim later marched over to Mr Tay’s table and grabbed him by the collar before punching him twice in the face. When Mr Tay fell to the ground, a scuffle broke out between Lim, Tay’s wife who was beside her husband and others. During the chaos, Lim shoved Tay’s wife to the side and kicked Tay, who was lying on the floor, once in the stomach before leaving.

Shortly after the incident at the coffeeshop at Block 303, Anchorvale Link, Lim fled Singapore to Malaysia. Singapore police have sought the help of Malaysian police to catch Mr Lim.

An autopsy revealed that Tay had died of bleeding within the subarachnnoid space between the brain and the tissues that cover it.

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