Dear A.S.S. Editor

The mainstream media actually slagging off the authorities over some price increase? Shocking, but indeed, it did happen. The Straits Times had an article whereby their Senior Transport Correspondent argued that bus and train fares increase must be tied to service improvements, and to cost.

He indicated that cost is an unconvincing argument for fare increase, as transport operators have had an unbroken profitability record. For the first time, I actually found myself agreeing with an ST article.

It is so true. why do transport fares keep rising, and everytime the reason given is that cost, be it petrol or other things, have increased. Thus the need to increase fares. But every year, these same companies report millions of profits from their accounts.

So why are we subsidising their millions of profit? How about improving your service and transport standards first, then increase fare?

Martin K

A.S.S. Contributor

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