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Are guys on dating apps trustable? Girls please be careful. Long story but please take some times to read.

I have been on and off using dating apps such as badoo , tinder , okcupid , tagged , paktor apps for almost a year. I have thought of finding a boyfriend or maybe a close guy friend from all this apps as I am a very boring person other than studying. But I have encountered a few unpleasant stories.

First, I know the first guy from one of the app we both swipe liked for each other. He started talking to me and he asked for my number, I gave and we started chatting on social media. He asked me for a meet up, to my horror when I reached the place he did not turn up and even block me on social media.

Second, I met another guy from one of the app as well, he tried to use pick up lines on me, claiming that he is 25 years old this year. We chatted and met up for a movie date and dinner. When I first saw him I could tell that he was not 25 years old as he look like he is in his 30s. True enough when he took out his wallet, I saw that his number started with 86** he was 31 years old. I immediately told him that I need to go to the toilet and ran home.

Third, I met this cute guy , he used pick up line to talk to me and I was so attracted by him. We chatted and he asked if we can be friends with benefits or can he hug me. I didn’t think much as I thought a casual hug was fine. We met for a dinner date and he started touching me on my waist which makes me really uncomfortable as he was not just simple putting his hand on my waist he tried to move down his hand. I grab hold of his hand and told him to stop and I went home.

Fourth, this guy talked to me on the app and kept on calling me ” dear ” I thought he was just friendly and we chatted for days. He told me he was single. Few days of chatting, he was sweet to me. Until his girlfriend text message me saying that I hooked up with her boyfriend. I was in total shock but apologetic. From then I stopped chatting with him.

Last, this guy talked to me and asked me out for a drink. We met and drink at some pub. I was still sober but was feeling a little uncomfortable, he thought that I was drunk. After we left the pub, he hold me and started kissing me on my cheek and neck, and bringing me to the taxi and even told the taxi uncle the address of his house. Luckily the taxi uncle was nice enough and listen to me he dropped him off at his place and then drive me to my house and even send me to my lift for safety.

After all the incidents, is dating apps still safe to use? Girls all stories are real stories encountered by me. Please be extra careful while using the apps…


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