Dear FlyScoot,

I have no idea how you manage to come this far despite the many complains that I have seen on your page Facebook page. You do not even have a proper email for your consumers to turn to, your hotline are apparently there for people that have got nothing better to do to call as the waiting time can last up till 45 mins, unanswered. I have no idea how long that call can hold but I have no intention to find out.

I have a payment which went through without my authorization on 16th March 2017, it is very disturbing as I realize from your Facebook page it is quite a common issue and you do not seem to have any intention of resolving it. I am now writing this post as it has been more than 10 days since my first email to you (really? 10 working days just to respond?).

After speaking with Jiana (her name came up in one of the posts from your customers but why am I not surprised?) and letting her know I did not enter my OTP, she said not all transaction requires OTP. Yes, I agree, however, THIS particular transaction required me to enter the OTP. She then proceed to tell me “If you don’t intend to transact this transaction, why proceed all the way to OTP page?”, WOW. While scrolling through, I found one of your team member responding to a unhappy consumer regarding final payment will only be shown after (I have attached a screenshot), really?

Also, your system is going haywire, I am getting 3 different figures on the Itinerary Details? Are some of your employees pocketing these monies? How do you manage to get past your audit checks? Is this consider fraud? Hmm…

And please do not mislead your consumers by selectively showing when you want to include the Transaction Fee, only to show it in the final payment that is not reflected when we have agreed to proceed with payment.

Please get back to me ASAP with a proposed solution. (It has been more than 10 days and no one is picking up the phone, why has it become the consumers’ responsibility to follow up and make sure things get done when you are the one screwing up everyone’s schedules and flights?)

Yours sincerely,
A pissed off customer
Cassandra Leong

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