Long post warning. I wonder why are so many singaporeans guys just so incredibly shameless and self centered now.

They demand a slim girl with big boobs while shaming girls for wanting taller men. They demand that the girl be caring, thoughtful, ambitious, good looking, well read, intelligent, and able to hold a conversation well and is able to cook and clean specifically for their sake, claim to masturbate even if they don’t, and even serve NS.

Yet they themselves cant even do a part and learn to take care of their own asses, be less shallow and consider that women are individuals with interests and habits that differ from person to person. When asked what are their hobbies, it’s all about sports or beer or sex constantly. Don’t be so boring can?

Then when its comes to beauty, I do not know whether singaporean guys are just delusional or outright dense or shameless or what, but hello, you ARE NOT SEXY if you have to depend heavily on your looks to make up for your soggy personality. Especially so for the ones who cake their entire ego in a false sense of judgemental righteousness. You HAVE THE PERSONALITY OF A DAMP BISCUIT. Simple as that.

And no, ranting anonymously about your sad opinion doesn’t automatically make you badass or clever or anything – especially if your rant is uninspired, terribly structured and riddled with ridiculous generalisations. And yet you want girls who have substance and are sexy… Please boys, check on yourself and make sure that you aren’t a raging dickwaffle first…

And of course, there are also those who think any girl who isn’t a size 0 is fat, and try to pretend that their tastes and ideals of beauty aren’t shaped by mass media. I don’t even know what that means. Boobs are made of fat? You want big boobs? Fat. Big butt? Fat. You are literally attracted to lumps of fat but you don’t want girls to be fat please clarify because if it’s just those specific lumps of fat you want I’m sure we can craft lookalikes from donations.

And guys who like to lie an insane amount of time to make themselves look good. Some claim that they don’t masturbate or watch porn at all. Yeah right. I ask them this simple question to test them out so easily…even though some guys might be religious or Just not enjoy masturbating in general… Some claim that they just want a simple, down to earth, honest girl, yet they give you some lame ass excuse to ditch you once a hotter girl comes along. Apparently this is an okay materialism but the other is not.

And of course, an insane number of them cant and wont bother to learn to cook, do laundry and all that. Their rationale is that they dont need to since that is a woman’s job and it is degrading. Basically these idiots are telling me that its degrading when their Mother doesn’t cook for their father. This expectation is to the point that some guys have to be taught in NS outright because they’ve gone their whole lives not being expected to learn any of these skills.

And speaking of NS, funny how some shameless singaporean guys can trashtalk and say that girls should volunteer as well because it’s not fair. Hello, how about you go about as a woman and try to build a respectable career where even a two year head start over your male peers still sees you getting promoted less, earning less, and having to deal with societal pressures to be both a babymaker and a house keeper while also staying in shape, not losing your boobs and masturbating.

Furthermore, they dream of some chio bu from overseas whom they will marry and live happily after forever. They dream of some submissive woman who will take care of their every whim but funny thing is that if they cannot do the stuff above i mentioned, they will be mocked even more severely by the women in overseas compared to singapore. Yet they still think that life there is better for them… Really delusional.

The most amazing thing is that singaporean girls constantly still chase after these 2/10 and make these guys think that they are 10/10. If only they used their brains and bother dating a guy from other countries instead of just ruling out their chances with say a blonde guy from the west or something just because they are asian. They will be incredibly surprised.

Seems like singaporeans guys look for all these in a girl to cover up their shortcomings or something. Of course, not all will have every negative attribute, but i can safely say that an overwhelming proportion of them have quite a number of these negative traits.

Singaporean guys really have some serious work to do, or they will just end up unwanted and dumped on the shelf. Perhaps then you will see them trashtalk and tell the world about how bad Singaporean girls are in the first place. *Rolls eyes*

> Girls are not here to please you
> Make up isn’t false advertising because no one is selling you shit and if you think girls have naturally glittery eyelids you need to stop sniffing whatever it is you’re sniffing
> Girls are not here to please you
> You literally have the most ridiculous double standards I’ve ever read and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic
> Girls are not here to please you
> Girls are not here to please you
> Girls are not here to please you.

As a note the above response doesn’t actually apply to Singaporean men – it was a parody of OP’s statements to prove a point about the hypocrisy of it. Y’all are cool. OP is a dickbag and needs to masturbate less probably. Or more idk. Please advise.

Angry NUS Girl
A.S.S. Contributor

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